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Richard Butterworth Digital Media Design specialises in the development of bespoke digital library systems, rich internet applications and iOS apps.

Richard Butterworth Digital Media Design prides itself on developing robust, high quality systems that once in place work reliably requiring very little subsequent maintenance. We believe that it is also essential that we establish a thorough understanding of clients' and users' needs before building systems for them.

Richard Butterworth Digital Media Design systems also make use of the latest web technologies, such as HTML5, jQuery and social media integration tools to create highly interactive and engaging user facing systems.

As well as developing systems, Dr Butterworth also works as Digital Strategy Manager for The English Folk Dance and Song Society and is proud to collaborate with Malcolm Taylor as part of Traditions -- a consultancy for the English folk arts and intangible heritage. Dr Butterworth has been an active researcher both in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Digital Library systems, publishing results in high quality journals and conferences. He is also a sought after teacher.